Considerations and Design Ideas for Creating Stunning Quartz Fireplace Surrounds Blog

Quartz fireplace surrounds are durable, versatile, low maintenance, and beautiful. No matter your style, you’re sure to find the perfect quartz surround to match.

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Enter any room with a fireplace, and your eye naturally travels there before it sees the rest of the space. That’s because the fireplace is often the heart and center of every home, as well as the focal point of any room (it’s installed in.)

The fireplace surround, or area enclosing the firebox, is one of the reasons that a fireplace is attractive. The surround is the decorative element of the area, complementing the rest of the room’s interior design, and often setting the tone for the style as a whole.

You can use nearly any durable, fire-safe material to create a fireplace surround, but not every material will give you the same visual impact. Quartz is one way to create a beautiful, low maintenance fireplace surround, with a variety of styles from which to choose.

Why Quartz

There are several ways to create a fireplace surround. One of the more popular methods is known as the slab method, meaning that one or more large pieces of material are installed around the firebox. Typically, this material is usually natural stone, such as marble.

The problem with using marble in this area, however, is that it’s porous and can stain. It’s not uncommon to see older fireplace surrounds with marble that has turned yellow from years of use. To prevent this, a marble surround needs to be carefully cleaned and sealed on a regular basis.

Quartz slabs offer many of the same styles, colors, and vein patterns as natural stone and marble. Quartz is a man-made product, composed of roughly 90% quartz mixed with resins and pigments. These resins help prevent staining, scratching, discoloration, and other issues that are common with marble.

So, a quartz fireplace surround will give you the same look, style, elegance, and beauty of a stone slab surround, but with lower maintenance and no staining to worry about.

Planning Your Surround

Whether your fireplace is gas or wood burning, you have many options for how to plan out the surround. Some surrounds encompass three sides of the firebox, while others will go around the entire perimeter. Some surrounds will go only as high as the mantel, while others will extend to the ceiling. A few more contemporary surrounds may even allow you to walk around the fireplace on two or more sides.

When planning your surround, consider the size of the slabs, their thickness, and how many seams or pieces you wish to use. For some surrounds, you may use a single slab with the opening cut out; no seams, and no piecing together of different vein patterns. This is another advantage over marble, which often comes in smaller slabs than quartz.

For surrounds you can walk around, where the firebox is visible at the corner, the thickness of the surround also comes into play. While most quartz slabs are roughly 2cm or 3cm in thickness, it’s possible to build up the visible edge to make a more substantial looking surround.

From there, your biggest considerations should be the color or style of the surround. Traditional homes may look better with a marble-look quartz, while more contemporary homes may look better with a solid color, or a slab with some sparkle to it. Consider how the slab will look with the fire lit and choose a color that will pick up at least one accent color within the room, containing the fireplace, to create a more cohesive look.

Quartz Fireplace Surround Design Ideas

Quartz can be used in nearly countless ways to create an amazing fireplace surround. Check out these four design ideas to get inspired for how to create yours.

1. Raised Hearth and Surround

quartz fireplace surrounds

It’s very common for fireplaces to have a hearth as well as a surround, and in many homes, the hearth may be raised up off of the ground as well, particularly if the firebox is not flush with the floor.

This home used a marble-look quartz slab to create both the hearth and the surround. The color of the vein in the slab perfectly matches the wall behind it, creating a peaceful, elegant design.

2. Doubled Surround

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This unique fireplace is set back into an alcove, which makes for some unique design challenges. In this case, the wall behind the fireplace is done in a dark color and lit to add to the attraction. In front of that is a slightly lighter gray quartz surround and hearth.

This double frame around the firebox completely fills the alcove and creates contrast with the light color outside.

3. Picture Frame Surround

fireplace frame ideas

For very minimalist and contemporary homes, a sleek surround is often the perfect addition to the room. In this case, a single piece of quartz is used to frame the firebox, extending just past the wall on either side.

This picture frame varies in texture from the wall above and mimics the shape of the TV. The style helps create a minimalist and cohesive look for the room.

4. Cut Corner Column

This oversized fireplace surround has a notch in the corner to expose more of the firebox. Made entirely of quartz, each wall extends to the ceiling, creating a very substantial column in the room, as well as a fireplace surround.

The effect is extremely eye-catching, pulling you (the viewer) in for a closer look and dominating the room’s design.

Create the Perfect Surround

Quartz fireplace surrounds are durable, versatile, low maintenance, and beautiful. No matter your style, you’re sure to find the perfect quartz surround to match. Consider redoing your fireplace in HanStone Quartz to create a unique and stunning addition to your home.