Hanwha L&C | Surfaces is committed to being a pro-environment company creating eco-friendly products for the marketplace. We focus our product research and development, manufacturing approach and recycling efforts toward demonstrating how we value the environment and wish to protect its future for generations to come.

From recycling 100% of the water used in the production process, installing an air purification system to remove pollutants from the air to a system that collects all dust within the plant, we strive to ensure a healthy workplace along with an eco-conscious approach in product development, waste management and conservation efforts.

Specifying Hanwha Surfaces products in green building projects can also contribute to LEED certification points. All of the surfaces are low-VOC in accordance with GREENGUARD’s Indoor Air Quality standards and clean easily with no need for chemical detergents.



In keeping with Hanwha Surfaces ongoing commitment to environmentally friendly production, the 19974 sq. m.state-of-the-art facility in Canada utilizes the most advanced, environmentally responsible manufacturing process. Located in London, Ontario, the facility solidifies Hanwha’s presence in North America as one of the leading producers of fine quartz surfaces – via its HanStone Quartz product line.



One of the most effective ways for us to contribute to the environment is through the conservation of energy. Our building was designed with a very sophisticated HVAC system with minimum air exchange required. And our hot oil-based heating system is a very efficient way to generate heat. As a best practice, we are continually reevaluating and reengineering our operating procedures, to reduce our energy consumption.



We understand the importance of water conservation and installed a water recycling system as an integral part of the building design and manufacturing process. Our North American plant recycles and reuses 100% of wastewater generated during manufacturing.



Our goal is to reuse, renew or recycle as much of our own manufacturing waste as possible. At our manufacturing plant in Canada we have been able to work with local companies to utilize our byproducts and have challenged our team to reuse our waste and recycle material that cannot be reused.

Example: Our slab scraps are recycled with a local landscape firm. And the rubber molds for the 4X8 slabs are recycled with a local company able to breakdown the rubber and reuse it for weeding and gardening products.